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Processing of Y1Ba2Cu3O7−x Superconducting Thin Films on GaAs Substrates with Double Buffer Layers

  • Sang Yeol Lee (a1), Quanxi Jia (a1), Wayne A. Anderson (a1) and David T. Shaw (a1)


High temperature superconducting Y1Ba2Cu3O7−x(YBCO) thin films have been grown on GaAs substrates by in situ laser deposition with a double buffer layer of yttrium-stabilized ZrO2(YSZ)/Si3N4. A barrier layer using a combination of YSZ/Si3N4 was used to grow high quality YBCO thin films without the degradation of the GaAs during YBCO film deposition. Strongly c-axis oriented superconducting YBCO thin films with a zero resistance temperature of 85.5 K and a critical current density of 1.9×103 A/cm2 at 77 K have been obtained. The electrical properties of the YBCO thin films were mainly dependent on YSZ buffer layer deposition condition.



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