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Processing of Feal/Al2O3 Imcs Using Advanced Electrodeposition Methods

  • Brett Wilson (a1), C.J. Suydam (a1), M.J. Crimp (a1) and M.A. Crimp


A theoretical examination of the FeAl/Al2O3 fiber intermetallic matrix composite (IMC) system was coupled with experimental results to determine optimum processing conditions for maximum FeAl adhesion to A12O3 fibers and minimum attraction of FeAl and A12O3 fibers to themselves. Optimizing the processing conditions leads to a more uniform green composite without matrix or reinforcement rich zones. The theoretical examination consisted of applying a model developed using traditional colloidal approaches to suspensions while accounting for the complexities of a multicomponent composite system. The model uses the suspension properties of the individual materials such as size and surface potential along with the processing conditions for the system as the basis for calculation. This model describes the interaction potentials between components of the suspension and the stability of and between various components of the system in terms of a stability ratio, W. The optimum processing conditions were found by determining the conditions under which the calculated values of W are ideal. Experimental results utilizing the model predictions have been examined and include verification of the FeAl particle adhesion to the A12O3 fiber and preliminary consolidation studies.



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Processing of Feal/Al2O3 Imcs Using Advanced Electrodeposition Methods

  • Brett Wilson (a1), C.J. Suydam (a1), M.J. Crimp (a1) and M.A. Crimp


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