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A Process for Producing “Granular Single Crystals” of Ceramics from Polycrystals by Biaxial Alignment, Demonstrated for High-Tc Superconductors

  • Rafael Hidalgo (a1), Xin-Yu Zhanl (a1), Sheng-Qi Wang (a1), Baoshan Zhang (a2), Jian-Zhong Zhang (a2), Feng Chen (a3), C. Finn (a4), Robert S. Markiewicz (a1) and Bill C. Giessen (a1)...


A recently developed method for producing triaxial alignment of single crystalline grains may be applicable to ceramics other than the high-Tc cuprate superconductors for which it was designed as a means of reducing the grain boundary weak links due to grain orientational misfit. This technique uses a suitable combination of a mechanical force and a magnetic field acting on the moment of a rare earth element incorporated into the ceramic; a "granular single crystal" is thus formed. A detailed step-by-step procedure is presented here to facilitate use of the new approach.



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