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Probing the Nucleation of a Thin Metal Film: Atom Deposition Vs. Cluster Beam Deposition

  • W. Mahoney (a1), S. T. Lin (a1) and R. P. Andres (a1)


The structure, morphology and epitaxy of nanometer scale solid clusters of gold atoms supported on the atomically flat basal (0001) plane of MoS2 are studied by TEM and STM. These metal film nuclei are deposited onto the substrate, which is held at 400°C, by two dif-ferent methods: (1) vacuum evaporation (PVD) and (2) soft landing of preformed Au clusters (CBD). In both cases the nuclei are single fcc crystals. In the case of atomic deposition the nuclei assume the shape of truncated tetrahedra with all their facets Au (111) planes. In the case of soft landed clusters the nuclei retain their free space morphology, that of truncated octahedra with hexagonal Au (111) and square Au (100) faces. Both PVD and CBD nuclei are heteroepitaxially aligned with (111)Au ║ (0001)MoS2; [220]Au ║ [1120]MoS2.



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