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Probing of Structure Factor of Water to 57 GPa and 1500 K

  • Alexander F. Goncharov (a1), Chrystele Sanloup (a2), Nir Goldman (a3), Jonathan C. Crowhurst (a4), Lawrence E. Fried (a5), Nicola Guignot (a6), Mohamed Mezouar (a7) and Yue Meng (a8)...


The x-ray structure factor of water has been measured along the melting line to 57 GPa and 1500 K using focused monochromatic synchrotron radiation and laser heated diamond anvil cell. The oxygen radial distribution function, g(r) is determined from these data. We have also calculated g(r) using ab initio methods and find a good agreement with the experiment. Based of the similarity of the measured and calculated structure factors determined density of water under extreme conditions unattainable previously.



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Probing of Structure Factor of Water to 57 GPa and 1500 K

  • Alexander F. Goncharov (a1), Chrystele Sanloup (a2), Nir Goldman (a3), Jonathan C. Crowhurst (a4), Lawrence E. Fried (a5), Nicola Guignot (a6), Mohamed Mezouar (a7) and Yue Meng (a8)...


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