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Preparation Of Zirconium Diphosphonate-Phosphites With A Narrow Distribution Of Mesopores.

  • G. Alberti (a1), U. Costantino (a1), R. Vivani (a1) and P. Zappelli (a2)


The presence of H3PO3 in the synthesis of zirconium diphosphonates in dimethylsulfoxide, other than the expected dilution of the pillars, which in turn gives rise to a certain degree of microporosity, may also induce the formation of a high percentag. of mesopores. E.g., compounds with high surface area(300–500 m2 /g) of which 60–70% is due to mesopores with diameters 20–40 Å and the remaining is due to micropores, were obtained. It was furthermore found that the distribution of the mesopores was fairly narrow. Compounds with micropores <3 Å and mesopores of 20–30 Å behave in practice as pure and narrow mesoporous solids;they are therefore of great interest as new molecular inorgano-organic sieves.



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