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Preparation of Y-BA-CU Oxide Superconducting Composite Tapes by a Diffusion Process

  • K. Tachikawa (a1), M. Sugimoto (a2), N. Sadakata (a2) and O. Kohno (a2)


Since discovery of the Y-Ba-Cu oxide compound showing superconductivity above liquid nitrogen temperature, intensive study has been under way to clarify nature of the high Tc oxides[l-4]. Much efforts were also made in the field of superconductor applications. A number of studies have been carried out by a powder metallurgical process of Y-Ba-Cu oxide compound wires, although, obtained critical current densities were still low at liquid nitrogen temperature[5–6]. Other techniques for wire fabrication is also being attempted[7–9]. In this study, Y-Ba-Cu oxide superconducting composite tapes were prepared by a diffusion process, which is one of the promising methods to obtain a high critical current density.



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