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Preparation of Cross-Section Tem Specimens of Semiconductors Containing Tungsten Interconnects Using Chemical Mechanical Polishing and Chemically Assisted ion Beam Milling, and Use of Afm to Evaluate the Success of These Procedures

  • Robert Jamison (a1), John Mardinly (a2), David Susnitzky (a2), Jian Duan (a2), Carmen Matos (a2) and Sharon Darknell (a2)...


TEM of semiconductors containing tungsten interconnects is hampered by the problem of tungsten being intrinsically opaque to the electron beam, and at the same time typically being much thicker than the rest of the specimen. This work describes a technique which can predictably and reproducibly thin tungsten to electron transparency using chemical mechanical polishing (CMP). Chemically-assisted ion beam etching (CAIBE) techniques were also investigated, but found to be of little benefit. The key to development and evaluation of these methods was the AFM.



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1. Bravman, J.C. and Sinclair, R., Journal of Electron Microscopy Technique 1:5361(1984).
2. Cabot Corporation, 800–222–6745 ab–O–Sil Division 700 E. U.S. Highway 36 uscola, IL 61953–964
3.odel Corporation, 302–366–0500 51 Bellevue Rd. iamond State Industrial Park ewark, Delaware 19713
4. Personal Communication, Jing Bao Liu, Intel Corporation, Santa Clara, CA.


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