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Preparation And Characterization Of Ultra-Small Sized Metal And Semiconductor Particles In Sol-Gel Materials

  • Kyung Moon Choi (a1) and Kenneth J. Shea (a1)


Poly(l,4-phenylene)-bridged and poly(1,6-hexylene)-bridged silsesquioxanes (PPS and HPS) were prepared by the sol-gel process. The surface areas and pore diameters of these porous xerogels were obtained by BET and BJH methods, respectively. These porous materials were used as a confinement matrix for the growth of small-sized semiconductor and transition metal clusters. Quantum-sized CdS particles in PPS (approximately 58+12 Â) and HPS (91+16 Â) matrices were prepared by first soaking the xerogel in a CdCl2 solution. Following a washing with water, a Na2S solution was then added. EDAX and electron diffraction techniques were used to identify the CdS particles. The particle sizes of CdS in PPS and HPS were determined by both UV measurements and from TEM images. Small-sized Cr clusters were prepared in dried xerogels by an internal doping method. Mixed Cr/CdS phases were also prepared by internal loading of a chromium metal precursor. Following deposition of CdS the xerogel was heated at 120 °C under high vacuum, resulting in formation of intimately mixed phases of Cr metal and CdS. Changes in morphology, in particular the surface area and pore size distribution were noted. A decrease in surface area and an increase in pore size were observed as a result of Cr metal deposition.



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Preparation And Characterization Of Ultra-Small Sized Metal And Semiconductor Particles In Sol-Gel Materials

  • Kyung Moon Choi (a1) and Kenneth J. Shea (a1)


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