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Preferred Orientation and Magnetic Properties of Barium Hexaferrite Thin Films Devitrified from the Glass

  • Gaurav Agarwal (a1), Robert F. Speyer (a1), Chung-Kook Lee (a2) and Geoffrey Spratt (a3)


Easy axis orientation of rf magnetron sputtered barium hexaferrite films plays an important role in their usefulness as recording media. Processing variables included substrate temperature, pressure, composition, and duration of sputtering, as well as secondary heat-treatment schedule. As-deposited films were primarily amorphous; after secondary heat-treatment, barium hexaferrite devitrified with a crystal size of ∼200 nm. The c-axis of crystalline grains formed parallel to the heat-treated film surface when the substrate was at 620°C during deposition. A perpendicular c-axis orientation was measured using an argon atmosphere at 1.33 Pa and a substrate temperature of 720°C. This film showed the highest remnance (4.781 × 10-3 emu). The coercivity of such films ranged from 0.8 -2KOe.



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