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Polymer-Derived Silicon Carbide Fibers with Improved Thermomechanical Stability

  • W. Toreki (a1), C. D. Batich (a1), M. D. Sacks (a1), M. Saleem (a1) and G. J. Choi (a1)...


Continuous silicon carbide fibers (”UF fibers”) with low oxygen content (∼2 wt%) were prepared by dry spinning of high molecular weight polycarbosilane solutions and subsequent pyrolysis of the polymer fibers. Room temperature mechanical properties were similar to those of commercially-available Nicalon™ fibers, as average tensile strengths as high as 3 GPa were obtained for some batches with fiber diameters in the range ∼10–15 μm Furthermore, UF fibers showed significantly better thermomechanical stability compared to Nicalon™, as indicated by lower weight losses, lower specific surface areas, and improved strength retention after heat treatment at temperatures up to 1700°C. UF fibers were also characterized by elemental analysis, X-ray diffraction, and scanning Auger microprobe. Strategies were suggested for achieving further improvements in thermomechanical stability.



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