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Platinum Group Metals Base Refractory Superalloys

  • Y. Yamabe-Mitarai (a1), Y. Koizumi (a1), H. Murakami (a1), Y. Ro (a1), T. Maruko (a1) and H. Harada (a1)...


Ir- and Rh-base refractory superalloys with an fee and Lb two phase structure similar to Ni-base superalloys, yet with considerably higher melting temperatures have been proposed. Fee and Ll2 two phases were observed in these alloys by transmission electron microscopy and X-ray powder diffractometry. The compression tests of these alloys showed that the strengths of several alloys were about 200 MPa at 1800 °C and these alloys have potential to become ultra-high temperature materials for use in power engineering field.



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