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Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition of Porous Organosilicate Glass ILD Films With k ≤ 2.4.

  • Raymond N. Vrtis (a1), Mark L. O'Neill (a1), Jean L. Vincent (a1), Aaron S. Lukas (a1), Brian K. Peterson (a1), Mark D. Bitner (a1) and Eugene J. Karwacki (a1)...


We report on our work to develop a process for depositing nanoporous organosilicate (OSG) films via plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). This approach entails codepositing an OSG material with a plasma polymerizable hydrocarbon, followed by thermal annealing of the material to remove the porogen, leaving an OSG matrix with nano-sized voids. The dielectric constant of the final film is controlled by varying the ratio of porogen precursor to OSG precursor in the delivery gas. Because of the need to maintain the mechanical strength of the final material, diethoxymethylsilane (DEMS) is utilized as the OSG precursor. Utilizing this route we are able to deposit films with a dielectric constant of 2.55 to 2.20 and hardness of 0.7 to 0.3 GPa, respectively.



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