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Photoreflectance Investigation of Inas/Gaas Self-Assembled Quantum Dots Grown by Almbe

  • M. Geddol (a1), R. Ferrinm (a2), G. Guizzetti (a2), M. Patrini (a2), S. Franchi (a3) and P. Frigeri (a3)...


Photoreflectance measurements have been performed in the 0.8–1.5 eV photon energy range and at temperatures from 80 to 300 K on stacked layers of InAs/GaAs self-assembled quantum dots (QDs) grown by Atomic-Layer Molecular Beam Epitaxy. The spectral features due to the QD optical response were analyzed by using lineshape models characteristic of modulation spectroscopy of confined systems. The dependence of the ground state transition energy on the number of stacked QD layers is investigated and it is shown that Coulomb interaction can account for the observed different behavior of the ensemble optical response of QD families characterized by different morphologies and coexisting in the same sample.



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Photoreflectance Investigation of Inas/Gaas Self-Assembled Quantum Dots Grown by Almbe

  • M. Geddol (a1), R. Ferrinm (a2), G. Guizzetti (a2), M. Patrini (a2), S. Franchi (a3) and P. Frigeri (a3)...


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