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Photoluminescence Study of Radiative Recombination in Porous Silicon

  • Chun Wang (a1), Franco Gaspari (a1) and Stefan Zukotynski (a1)


Photoluminescence has been studied in porous silicon. Two types of radiative recombination centers have been identified. One gives rise to luminescence at about 820 nm and is believed to be related to Si-H bonds. The second gives rise to luminescence at about 770 nm and is likely associated with S-O bonds. Above about 20K radiative recombination is assisted by excited states of the recombination centre located about 10 meV above the ground state. The Si-H recombination centre is a single electron center whereas the Si-O center appears to be a multi-electron center.



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Photoluminescence Study of Radiative Recombination in Porous Silicon

  • Chun Wang (a1), Franco Gaspari (a1) and Stefan Zukotynski (a1)


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