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Photoluminescence Mechanism of Silicon Quantum Dots and Wells

  • Y. Kanemitsu (a1) and S. Okamoto (a1)


We discuss the mechanism of efficient photoluminescence (PL) from Si quantum dots and wells. Luminescence properties of SiO2-capped Si nanocrystals are different from those of H-terminated Si nanocrystals, but are very similar to those of Si quantum wells sandwiched by SiO2 layers. The size-dependence of PL properties and resonantly excited PL spectra of SiCb-capped Si dots and wells indicate that excitons are localized near the interface between the crystalline Si core and surface oxide layer, and the strong coupling of electronic and vibrational excitations causes the broad PL spectrum. The exciton localization plays an essential role in the efficient luminescence process in nanoscale Si/SiO2 systems.



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Photoluminescence Mechanism of Silicon Quantum Dots and Wells

  • Y. Kanemitsu (a1) and S. Okamoto (a1)


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