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Photoluminescence Detection of Native Defects in The Surface Region of Bulk CdTe

  • P.M. Amirtharaj (a1) and N.K. Dhar (a1)


The native defects introduced by Br2/CH3 OH etching and aging under atmospheric conditions have been investigated in In doped, bulk CdTe using photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopy. The results indicate a large enhancement of the Cd vacancy related 1.5896 eV excitonic feature with chemical treatment and aging. Hence, the primary perturbation is interpreted to be a small loss of Cd within the sampling region. This result is compared and contrasted with previous studies of etching induced modifications. The implications of Cd depletion on interpreting PL spectra, device processing and long term stability are considered.



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Photoluminescence Detection of Native Defects in The Surface Region of Bulk CdTe

  • P.M. Amirtharaj (a1) and N.K. Dhar (a1)


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