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A Photoemission Investigation of the Interfacial Electronic Properties of Mo and Ni Schottky Barriers to CuInSe2(112)

  • David W. Niles (a1), Art J. Nelson (a1), C. Richard Schwerdtfeger (a1), Hartmut Höchst (a2) and Dennis Rioux (a2)...


We studied Mo and Ni contacts to p-type CuInSe2(112) with angular-resolved synchrotron radiation ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy in the range 40 eV hv < 120 eV. By varying the photon energy, we determined that emission from the CuInSe2 Г-point in the Brillouin zone occurs for hv = 60 eV, and identified emission from the valence band maximum. After depositing Ni and Mo, we found that the conduction band minimum of the CuInSe2 very nearly aligned to the Fermi edges of both metals, giving Schottky barriers Vsb = 1.05 ±0.1 eV. The interfaces are not atomically abrupt, as seen by the outdiffusion of Se into the refractory metal overlayers and the formation of In-Mo and In-Ni alloys.



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