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Photoconductivity in Vacuum Deposited Films of Silicon-Based Polymers

  • H. Okumoto (a1), M. Shimomura (a1), N. Minami (a1) and Y. Tanabe (a1)


Silicon-based polymers with σconjugated electrons have specific properties; photoreactivity for microlithography and photoconductivity for hole transport materials. To explore the possibility of combining these two properties to develop photoresists with electronic transport capability, photoconductivity of polysilanes is investigated in connection with their photoinduced chemical modification. Increase in photocurrent is observed accompanying photoreaction of poly(dimethylsilane) vacuum deposited films. This increase is found to be greatly enhanced in oxygen atmosphere. Such changes of photocurrent can be explained by charge transfer to electron acceptors from Si dangling bonds postulated to be formed during photoreaction.



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Photoconductivity in Vacuum Deposited Films of Silicon-Based Polymers

  • H. Okumoto (a1), M. Shimomura (a1), N. Minami (a1) and Y. Tanabe (a1)


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