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Phase Formation and Phase Stability in the Al-Ti Thin Film System

  • L.R. Parks (a1), D.A. Lilienfeld (a2), P. BØRgesen (a1) and R. Raj (a1)


This study focuses on the sequential formation of aluminide phases during annealing of titanium and aluminum thin film bilayers. The formation of titanium-rich intermetallic phases at higher annealing temperatures is emphasized. Using Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry (RBS) analysis, and x-ray diffraction, phases formed as a function of temperature have been identified. The phases Al3Ti through Ti3Al were observed over the temperature range 450–750°C, where reaction with the SiO2 substrate occurred. All phases were present as discreet layers within the samples with several layered phases coexisting at the higher temperatures.



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Phase Formation and Phase Stability in the Al-Ti Thin Film System

  • L.R. Parks (a1), D.A. Lilienfeld (a2), P. BØRgesen (a1) and R. Raj (a1)


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