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PECVD Synthesis of Silicon Nanowires Assisted by Templates of Gallium Islands

  • Annika Gewalt (a1), Bodo Kalkofen (a2), Marco Lisker (a3) and Edmund P. Burte (a4)


In this study, we investigated the growth of silicon nanowires forced by small gallium droplet templates. Those gallium islands previously were deposited by a modified PECVD method. Two different delivery techniques of the trimethylgallium precursor (TMGa) were tested regarding their applicability. On the one hand standard liquid delivery was performed, on the other the precursor was transported by vapor draw out of the heated bubbler. The TMGa then was pulsed into the carrier gas flow. The effects on the deposited islands of both delivery methods were compared. As substrates <111> oriented p-doped silicon wafers were used. For the subsequent growth of the silicon wires similarly PECVD was used as growth method. Silane served as precursor. Argon and hydrogen were used as plasma enhanced gases. The effects of the Ga particles deposited by both process modes upon the generated wires were analyzed.



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