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Oxidation Resistance of Copper Alloy Thin Films Formed by Chemical Vapor Deposition

  • P. Atanasova (a1), V. Bhaskaran (a2), T. Kodas (a2) (a1) and M. Hampden-Smith (a3) (a1)


Co-deposition of copper-palladium alloy films was demonstrated using low-pressure CVD from individual precursors - (hexafluoroacetylacetonato)copper(I)(vinyltrimethylsilane) [(hfac)Cu(I)vtms] and palladium(II)bis(hexafluoroacetylacetonate) [Pd(hfac)2], for Cu and Pd respectively. High-purity alloy films with controlled composition, microstructure and morphology were prepared and their oxidation behavior was examined at different temperatures and compared with that of pure copper CVD films with similar morphology. As-deposited copper-palladium alloy films showed improved resistance to oxidation up to 300°C in air. Enhanced oxidation resistance compared to Cu CVD films was observed at concentrations of palladium as low as 0.5 at. %.



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