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Overview of the French research on the evolution of spent fuel rod after discharge from the reactor

  • C. Ferry (a1), C. Cappelaere (a1), C. Jegou (a2), J.P. Piron (a3), M. Firon (a1) and A. Ambard (a4)...


Since 2006, French research on spent fuel has focused on the main issues related to transport and extended in-pool storage of spent fuel assembly. Studies on creep behaviour of irradiated cladding have resulted in a new creep model which is valid over a wide domain of temperature, internal pressure and time. Under nominal conditions, no evolution of the spent fuel rod is expected during in-pool storage. In case of defective fuel rods in the storage pool, the consequences of fuel alteration on the initial defect of the cladding depend on the matrix alteration rate and nature of the secondary phases formed. Considering the optional scenario of direct disposal, the long-term behaviour of the spent fuel is investigated focusing on helium consequences before water contact on the one hand and on the influence of repository conditions on matrix alteration on the other hand. The aim of the on-going studies is to improve the safety margins initially introduced in the radionuclide source term models.



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Overview of the French research on the evolution of spent fuel rod after discharge from the reactor

  • C. Ferry (a1), C. Cappelaere (a1), C. Jegou (a2), J.P. Piron (a3), M. Firon (a1) and A. Ambard (a4)...


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