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Origins of Parasitic Emissions from 353 nm AlGaN-based UV LEDs over SiC Substrates

  • Ji-Soo Park (a1), Daryl W Fothergill (a2), Patrick Wellenius (a3), Seann M. Bishop (a4), John F. Muth (a5) and Robert F. Davis (a6)...


The effects of p-GaN capping layers and p-type carrier-blocking layers on the occurrence of parasitic emissions from 353 nm AlGaN-based LEDs have been investigated. LEDs without a p-type Al0.25Ga0.75N carrier-blocking layer showed a shoulder peak at ∼370 nm due to electron overflow into the p-Al0.10Ga0.90N cladding layer and subsequent electron-hole recombination in the acceptor levels. Broad emission between 380 and 450 nm from LEDs having a p-GaN capping layer was caused by 420 nm luminescence from the p-GaN capping layer, which was optically pumped by 353 nm UV emission from the quantum wells. Broad, defect-related luminescence at ∼520 nm was emitted from the AlGaN layers within the quantum wells.



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