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Optimizing Pentacene Growth in Low-Voltage Organic Thin-Film Transistors Prepared by Dry Fabrication Techniques

  • S. Gupta (a1), K. C. Chinnam (a1), M. Zelzer (a2), R. Ulijn (a2) and H. Gleskova (a1)...


We have studied the effect of pentacene purity and evaporation rate on low-voltage organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs) prepared solely by dry fabrication techniques. The maximum field-effect mobility of 0.07 cm2/Vs was achieved for the highest pentacene evaporation rate of 0.32 Å/s and four-time purified pentacene. Four-time purified pentacene also led to the lowest threshold voltage of -1.1 V and inverse subthreshold slope of ∼100 mV/decade. In addition, pentacene surface was imaged using atomic force microscopy, and the transistor channel and contact resistances for various pentacene evaporation rates were extracted and compared to field-effect mobilities.



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Optimizing Pentacene Growth in Low-Voltage Organic Thin-Film Transistors Prepared by Dry Fabrication Techniques

  • S. Gupta (a1), K. C. Chinnam (a1), M. Zelzer (a2), R. Ulijn (a2) and H. Gleskova (a1)...


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