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Optimization of the Optical and Electrical Properties of GaN Vertical Light Emitting Diode with Current Block Layer

  • Na Lu (a1), Zhiqiang Liu (a2) (a3), Enqing Guo (a2), Liancheng Wang (a2), Andrew Melton (a3) and Ian Ferguson (a3)...


The emission from a light emitting diode (LED) that is emitted under the metal electrode cannot escape into free space. A current blocking layer (CBL) is used to address this issue by forcing the current to flow laterally under the electrode reducing the emission absorbed and hence increasing the overall efficiency of the LED. In this paper a new method to fabricate Schottky and isolating CBLs in GaN LED are investigated. Optical and electrical measurements of these vertical LEDs with and without CBL show different light output powers at identical current densities. The results of this study indicate that CBLs could also be used to suppress the efficiency droop effect for GaN LEDs.



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