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Optimization of Textured Tco Substrates for a-Si Solar Cells

  • Mitsuhiko Komakine (a1), Hiromichi Nishimura (a1), Yoshio Gotoh (a1), Kazuo Sato (a1) and Kei Kondo (a1)...


Textured TCO (Sn02:F) substrates were fabricated using atmospheric pressure CVD (APCVD). Various kinds of TCO developed were classified into three types (A, B, C) in terms of shape of texture, electrical and optical properties. TCO substrates of type A with low carrier concentration and pyramidal texture fulfill the conflicting properties of low absorption and low resistivity after hydrogen plasma treatment. By using type A TCO substrates, the highest conversion efficiencies of 12 % for a small area of 1cm×1cm as a-Si single junction solar cell were certified by several related NEDO research organizations.



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