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Optimization of a Dual-Mode RF / Microwave Plasma for Amorphous thin film Deposition

  • R. Etemadi (a1), O. Leroy (a1), B. Drevillon (a1) and C. Godet (a1)


A new dual-plasma (surface wave-coupled microwave and capacitively-coupled radiofrequency) PECVD reactor for high growth rate of Amorphous insulating alloys is being developped. A high flexibility for thin film materials synthesis is expected, because the energy of the ion bombardment can be monitored independently from the microwave plasma chemistry. In situ diagnostics (Optical EMission Spectroscopy and Spectroscopie Ellipsometry) are used for the optimization of the dual-Mode plasma deposition of hydrogenated Amorphous silicon a-Si:H and silicon oxides a-SiOx:H (with 0 ≤ × ≤ 2). The growth of stoichiometric oxide at 3.3 nm / s has been achieved.



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