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Optical Spectroscopy of the Charge Accumulation Layer in Mis Structures with Polymeric Insulator and Semiconductor Layers

  • J. H. Burroughes (a1) and R. H. Friend (a1)


Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor (MIS) and MISFET structures constructed with polyacetylene prepared by the Durham precursor route provide convenient systems for the investigation of charge storage and transport in this polymer. The charge accumulation layer is particularly easy to form, and is of particular interest because charge is introduced into the polymer without compensation by chemical dopants. Charge is stored in soliton-like excitations of the chain, and we are able to characterise these from optical measurements of their electronic excitations. We find that the nature of the soliton-like states is very sensitive to the structure of the polyacetylene at the interface between the insulator and polyacetylene, and we report here the properties of devices formed with various organic polymers as the insulator layers which we contrast with those formed with silicon dioxide.



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