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Optical Properties of Mn-doped GaN

  • O. Gelhausen (a1), E. Malguth (a1) (a2), M. R. Phillips (a1), E. M. Goldys (a3), M. Strassburg (a2) (a4), A. Hoffmann (a2), T. Graf (a5), M. Gjukic (a5) and M. Stutzmann (a5)...


Molecular beam epitaxy-grown GaN with different Mn concentrations (5–23 × 10 cm-3) and codoped with Si were investigated by cathodoluminescence (CL) spectroscopy and optical transmission measurements. In the GaN:Mn, an intense absorption peak at 1.414 +/- 0.002 eV was observed. This peak was attributed to an internal T2∼> E transition of the deep neutral Mn3+ state since its intensity scaled with the Mn3+ concentration. The CL measurements showed that Mn-doping concentrations around 1020 cm-3 had three effects on the emission spectrum: (i) the donor bound exciton at 3.460 eV was reduced by more than one order of magnitude, (ii) the donor-acceptor-pair band at 3.27 eV was completely quenched and (iii) the yellow luminescence centered at 2.2 eV was the strongly decreased. The latter two effects were attributed to a reduced concentration of VGa. In the infrared spectral range, three broad, Mn-doping related CL emission bands centered at 1.01 ± 0.02 eV, 1.09 ± 0.02 eV and 1.25 ± 0.03 eV were observed. These bands might be related to deep donor complexes, which are generated as a result of the heavy Mn-doping, rather than internal transitions at the Mn atom.



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Optical Properties of Mn-doped GaN

  • O. Gelhausen (a1), E. Malguth (a1) (a2), M. R. Phillips (a1), E. M. Goldys (a3), M. Strassburg (a2) (a4), A. Hoffmann (a2), T. Graf (a5), M. Gjukic (a5) and M. Stutzmann (a5)...


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