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Optical Direct and Indirect Excitation of Er3+ Ions in Silicon

  • A. Majima (a1), S. Uekusa (a1), K. Ootake (a1), K. Abe (a1) and M. Kumagai (a2)...


Optical direct and indirect excitation of erbium (Er) ions in silicon substrates was performed in order to investigate the high efficiency of Er3+− related 1.54μm emission (4I13/24I15/2) for direct excitation that is not concerned with the indirect band gap and low quantum efficiency of a Si host. The samples were prepared by ion-implantation or thermal diffusion methods. In each sample, photoluminescence (PL) showed the peaks originating from 4I13/2→4I15/2 of Er3+ ions.

In Er thermally diffused samples, optical excitation for energy level 4I11/2 of Er3+ ions was successfully effected by photoluminescence excitation spectroscopy (PLE). The PLE spectra consisted six peaks (963.1nm, 965.0nm, 976.lnm, 978.9nm and 980.9nm) which were caused by direct excitation (4I15/2→4I11/2) of Er3+ ions. The emission directly excited is about 2 times more intense than the indirectly excited emission. The six peaks originating from the splitting of the 4I11/2 levels meant that Er3+ ions were in the sites of noncubic symmetry. The samples prepared by Er ion-implantation did not show the effect.



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Optical Direct and Indirect Excitation of Er3+ Ions in Silicon

  • A. Majima (a1), S. Uekusa (a1), K. Ootake (a1), K. Abe (a1) and M. Kumagai (a2)...


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