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Optical Anisotropy of Er Centers in GaAs:Er,O

  • R. A. Hogg (a1), K. Takahei (a1), A. Taguchi (a1) and Y. Horikoshi (a1)


For GaAs:Er,O the anisotropic photoluminescence (PL) properties of the Er-20 center and its preferential alignment within the GaAs matrix have been revealed by the polarization dependence of host-excited PL when detecting emission polarized along certain crystallographic directions. In the present paper, a polarized intra-4f-shell photoluminescence excitation (PLE) spectroscopic study of Er centers incorporated in GaAs is reported. This technique is not only sensitive to those centers which luminesce under host-excitation, but also to other Er centers incorporated in the host, thus allowing the polarized PL properties of most Er centers to be studied. A comparison of the polarization characterisitcs of host-excited PL and direct intra-4f-shell PLE, due to the difference in the excitation mechanisms, is made and the information which may be gained from such measurements is discussed. For the Er-20 center, we confirm the optical anisotropy and preferential alignment of the center previously observed in host-excited PL. Incorporation mechanisms for the Er-20 center which could result in the observed polarization dependence are discussed.



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