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Optical and Electrical Properties of Heavily Carbon-Doped Gaas Fabricated by High-Energy Ion-Implantation

  • Takayuki Shima (a1) (a2), Yunosuke Makita (a1), Shinji Kimura (a1), Kentaro Harada (a1) (a3), Tsutomu Iida (a1), Masanori Kotani (a1) (a4), Akihumi Osawa (a1) (a5), Hajime Shibata (a1), Akira Obara (a1), Kazuhiro Kudo (a2), Kuniaki Tanaka (a2), Eiichi Kobayashi (a4) and Yasushi Hoshino (a5)...


High-energy (400 keV) implantation of carbon (C) ions was made into LEC-GaAs substrates with C concentration ([C]) of 1019− 1022 Cm−3. 2 K photoluminescence (PL) and Hall effect measurements indicated that activation rate of C in LEC GaAs is both optically and electrically extremely low even after furnace-annealing at 850 °C for 20 min. For [C] = 1×1022 cm−3, two novel strong emissions were obtained and PL measurements as a function of excitation power and sample temperature suggested that the two emissions one at 1.485 eV and the other at 1.305 eV should reflect the formation of a new alloy between GaAs and C. Dual implantation of C+ and Ga+ ions was carried out to improve the activation or substitution rate. We found that nearly 90% activation rate can be achieved for C dose of 2.2 × 1013 cm−2.



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