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Optical Absorption, Stability and Structure of NpO2 + Complexes with Dicarboxylic Acids

  • Guoxin Tian (a1) and Linfeng Rao (a2)


Complexation of NpO2 + with oxalic acid (OX), 2,2'-oxydiacetic acid (ODA), 2,2'-iminodiacetic acid (IDA) and 2,2'-thiodiacetic acid (TDA), has been studied using spectrophotometry in 1 M NaClO4. Both the position and the intensity of the absorption band of NpO2 + at 980 nm are affected by the formation of NpO2 +/dicarboxylate complexes, providing useful information on the complexation strength, the coordination mode and the structure of the complexes.



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