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On the Origin of Stiffening in Biopolymers

  • Erik Van der Giessen (a1), Teun Koeman (a1), Teun Van Dillen (a1) and Patrick Onck (a1)


Strain stiffening of protein networks is explored by means of a finite strain analysis of a two-dimensional network model of cross-linked semiflexible filaments. The results show that stiffening is caused by non-affine network rearrangements that govern a transition from a bending dominated response at small strains to a stretching dominated response at large strains. Thermally-induced filament undulations only have a minor effect; they merely postpone the transition.



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On the Origin of Stiffening in Biopolymers

  • Erik Van der Giessen (a1), Teun Koeman (a1), Teun Van Dillen (a1) and Patrick Onck (a1)


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