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On the Entrance Effects and the Influence of Buoyancy Forces on the Fluid Flow In Rtp Reactors

  • Yu. P. Rainova (a1), K. I. Antonenko (a1), J. Pezoldt (a2) and A. Schenk (a3)


Flow and heat transfer effects play a critical role in chemical vapour deposition (CVD) reactors. Holographic interferometry offers the possibility to study the flow dynamics of an entire region in real time under process conditions with negligible disturbances of the investigated process. The advantage of the method is the possibility of accurate measurements of flow patterns and temperature profiles in a fast dynamic process under actual experimental conditions. Mixed and forced flow conditions were studied for two gases with distinct different thermophysical properties. The influence of the gas inlet system and buoyancy forces on the resulting fluid flow are highlighted. A special attention was drawn on the visualization of edge effects.



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