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Observations on the Growth of YBa2Cu3O7 Thin Films at Very High Laser Fluences

  • Rand R. Biggers. (a1), M. Grant Norton (a2), I. Maartense (a1), T.L. Peterson (a1), E. K. Moser (a1), D. Dempsey (a1) and Jeff L. Brown (a3)...


The pulsed-laser deposition (PLD) technique utilizes one of the most energetic beams available to form thin films of the superconducting oxide YBa2Cu3O7 (YBCO). IN this study we examine the growth of YBCO at very high laser fluences (25 to 40 J/cm2); a more typical fluence for PLD would be nearer to 3 J/cm2. the use of high fluences leads to unique film microstructures which, in some cases, appear to be related to the correspondingly higher moveabilities of the adatoms. Films grown on vicinal substrates, using high laser fluences, exhibited well-defined elongated granular morphologies (with excellent transition temperature, Tc, and critical current density, Jc). Films grown on vicinal substrates using off-axis magnetron sputtering, plasma-enhanced metal organic chemical vapor deposition (PE-MOCVD), or PLD at more typical laser fluences showed some similar morphologies, but less well-defined. Under certain growth conditions, using high laser fluences with (001) oriented substrates, the YBCO films can exhibit a mixture of a- and c-axis growth where both crystallographic orientations nucleate on the substrate surface at the same time, and grow in concert. the ratio of a-axis oriented to c-axis oriented grains is strongly affected by the pulse repetition rate of the laser.



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