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Observation of Rheed Intensity Oscillations During PbSe/CaF2/Si(111) MBE

  • W. K. Liu (a1), X. M. Fang (a2), P. J. McCann (a2) and M. B. Santos (a1)


RHEED intensity oscillations observed during MBE growth of CaF2 on Si(111) and PbSe on CaF2/Si(111) are presented. The effects of substrate temperature and initial nucleation procedure are investigated. Strong temporal oscillations of the specular beam intensity are found to be most readily observed at temperatures below 200°C for both CaF2 and PbSe. Growth rates measured as a function of cell temperatures exhibit Arrhenius behavior with activation energies of 5.0 eV and 1.93 eV for CaF2 and PbSe, respectively. The relatively high activation energy obtained for CaF2 is consistent with the high melting point and sublimation energy of ionic fluorides.



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Observation of Rheed Intensity Oscillations During PbSe/CaF2/Si(111) MBE

  • W. K. Liu (a1), X. M. Fang (a2), P. J. McCann (a2) and M. B. Santos (a1)


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