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Observation of Damage Structures in Proton-Implanted Gallium Arsenide by Cross-Sectional Tem

  • D Loretto (a1), G. T. Brown (a2) and I. P. Jones (a1)


Semi-insulating and SI-doped <100> GaAs have been irradiated to a dose of 1016 protons cm−2. Samples have been annealed for 20 minutes at 400,500 and 600°C. Cross-sectional TEN has shown the as-implanted and 400°C annealed GaAs to contain no visible damage. After 500 and 600°C anneals a heterogeneous distribution of planar raft-like defects apears on {(11} and {110}. The density of these defects is much lower in the Si-doped material.



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