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Nucleation and Growth of Silicon Microstructures by Direct-Laser Writing

  • David E. Kotecki (a1) and Irving P. Herman (a2)


This paper reports on a study of the nucleation phase of thin film growth during pyrolytic deposition by direct-laser writing. A Monte Carlo computer simulation is used to model the initial surface dynamics occurring during the deposition of silicon from silane (SiH4) on strongly binding substrates such as silicon, and on weakly binding substrates such as silicon dioxide (SiO2) and silicon nitride (Si3N4). Results show that for high peak temperatures (≥ 1200 K) and weakly binding substrates, the most probable location for the initiation of thin film growth is radialy displaced from the center of the locally laser-heated region of the surface. At low peak temperatures, thin film nucleation is found to begin at the center of the locally laser-heated surface for all substrates.



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Nucleation and Growth of Silicon Microstructures by Direct-Laser Writing

  • David E. Kotecki (a1) and Irving P. Herman (a2)


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