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The Nucleation and Growth of Germanium on (1102) Sapphire Deposited by Molecular Beam Epitaxy

  • David J. Godbey (a1) and Mark E. Twigg (a1)


Single crystal undoped germanium has been grown successfully for the first time on (1102) sapphire [1,2]. Germanium was found to grow (110) with an in plane registry of Ge(111)/Al203(1012) [1]. When a 2μm germanium film was grown on (1102) sapphire at 800°C and after a substrate preanneal of 1400°C, the X-ray line width of the Ge(220) reflection was measured to be 230 arcseconds [2]. Strain was observed only in germanium films that were thinner than 40 nm [2].



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