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Novel Preparation Method of Thin Films by Ablation Plasma produced by Intense Pulsed Ion Beam Evaporation

  • Kiyoshi Yatsui (a1), Hisayuki Suematsu (a1), Weihua Jiang (a1), Tsuneo Suzuki (a1), Sung-Chae Yang (a1), Yoshiaki Kinemuchi (a1), Makoto Hirai (a1) and Keizo Kato (a2)...


A novel preparation method of thin films has been successfully developed by high-density ablation plasma produced by pulsed ion-beam evaporation method. The preparation is available with extremely high deposition rate (with cm/s), without heating the substrate, in a vacuum, with good stoichiometry. As an example, the preparation of phosphoresecent SrAl2O4:Eu, Dy thin films will be shown. Furthermore, a new method has been developed of the synthesis of ultrafine nanosize powders by use of microexplosion of pulsed wire discharge. As an example, the synthesis of NiFe2O4 powders will be shown, where two wires of nickel and iron were exploded by pulsed current. In addition, we have succeeded in the preparation of tungsten thin films within via holes in LSI by use of pulsed ion beam-evaporation method. In addition to the huge power per shot, a new machine has been developed of highly repetitive, pulsed power machine for the industrial applications.



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