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Nonvolatile Carbon Nanotube Memory Device With Molecular Charge Storage

  • Volker J. Sorger (a1) and Zhen Yao (a2)


Nanoscale, non-volatile, multi-bit memory devices have been fabricated consisting of carbon nanotube field-effect transistors (CNT-FETs) surrounded by redox active molecules (cobalt porphyrin). Charge was stored in the cobalt center atom of the molecule. Write and erase programming was carried out with back-gate pulses. By varying the back-gate amplitude multi-level memory operation was achieved. Programmed devices were read at zero gate voltage showing distinct logic ON and OFF states at room temperature for several hours. At low temperatures strong increase in retention time was observed and single-electron sensitivity was demonstrated. Charge stability tests show insignificant device change after 105 write and erase cycles.



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Nonvolatile Carbon Nanotube Memory Device With Molecular Charge Storage

  • Volker J. Sorger (a1) and Zhen Yao (a2)


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