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Nonlinear Optical Properties and Fatigue Effect in Porous Silicon

  • Vytautas Griviekas (a1), Jonas Kolenda (a1), Lino Misoguti (a2), Pierre Basmaji (a2) and Sirgio C. Zilio (a2)...


We report results of photoluminescence (PL) fatigue and nonlinear optical absorption in anodized porous silicon (PS) samples aged in air for a few months. The fatigue strength is found different for PS emitting below 1.65 eV, in 1.65 - 2.05 eV range and above 2.05 eV, revealing the different nature of PL. A comparison with two special glasses is made, and a possible explanation for PL mechanism in PS is discussed.



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Nonlinear Optical Properties and Fatigue Effect in Porous Silicon

  • Vytautas Griviekas (a1), Jonas Kolenda (a1), Lino Misoguti (a2), Pierre Basmaji (a2) and Sirgio C. Zilio (a2)...


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