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Non-contact Electrical Measurements of Sheet Resistance and Leakage Current Density for Ultra-shallow (and other) Junctions

  • Vladimir N. Faifer (a1), Michael I. Current (a1), Wojtek Walecki (a1), Vitali Souchkov (a1), Georgy Mikhaylov (a1), Phuc Van (a1), Tim Wong (a1), Tan Nguyen (a1), Jiansong Lu (a1), S.H. Lau (a1) and Ann Koo (a1)...


A novel, non-contact method for determination of ultra-shallow junction sheet resistance and leakage current density has been developed based on monitoring the dynamics of photo-generated carriers by means of spatially separated capacitive probes. At light modulation frequencies of about 100 kHz, spatially resolved surface voltage signals give a direct measure of the junction sheet resistance, independent of the junction depth. At lower light modulation frequencies, the junction leakage current density is determined. Combining capacitive monitoring of modulated photo-generated free carriers with a precision wafer motion stage allows for rapid acquisition of sheet resistance and leakage data for efficient wafer-scale mapping applications.



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