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New Preparation Method For Liquid Alloy Surfaces and Their Characterization by Electron Spectroscopy

  • G. Indlekofer (a1), P. Oelhafen (a1) and H.- J. Güntherodt (a1)


Surface investigations of liquid metals in ultra-high vacuum are scarce as compared with solid state studies, mainly because of experimental difficulties of preparing atomically clean liquid surfaces. A new technique has been developed in order to prepare clean liquid metal surfaces. According to the characterization with electron spectroscopy it proved to be an effective way to obtain high purity liquid surfaces and hence offers the possibility to study a variety of metals and alloys in the liquid state.

Information about the surface composition, segregation properties and its purity in the liquid state and the valence electron structure has been obtained by X-ray and ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS and UPS, respectively). Exciting new insights in the electronic structure of various liquid alloys such as Au-Si, Cu-Sn, Ga-Sn and TI-Bi have been obtained from these measurements.



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