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New Method for a Lensless Electron Microscope: Achieving High Resolution and Overcoming Effects of Multiple Scattering

  • S. Y. Tong (a1), H. Huang (a1) and Hua Li (a1)


We present the processes necessary for the development of a lensless electron microscope with a resolution of ≤ 0.6Å and an image position accuracy of ≤ 0.3Å. The technique inverts interference fringes of emitted electrons from localized sources embedded in a material. Unlike conventional methods which use the Helmholtz-Kirchhoff integral theorem, the new process starts with 3-dimensional Fourier transformation with phaseshift correction, SWEEP for forward-scattering electrons and REEP for back-scattering electrons. These processes are applicable to strong multiple scattering systems as well as systems whose source atoms are buried below the surface. Materials with long-range or local order can be studied; coupled to a small spot-sized incident beam, images of disordered materials can be formed.



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