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New Conjugated Polymers Derived from Carbazole as Thermoelectric Materials

  • Isabelle Lévesque (a1) (a2), Xing Gao (a1), Christopher I. Ratcliffe (a1), Dennis D. Klug (a1), John S. Tse (a1), Nicolas Blouin (a2), Jean-François Morin (a2) and Mario Leclerc (a2)...


Novel poly(3,6-hexyl-2,7-N-octylcarbazole) derivatives and poly(diindolocarbazole)s were synthesized. Optical, electrochemical, electrical and thermoelectric properties were investigated. Band structure calculations were used to predict which polymers were promising as thermoelectric materials. The best combination of Seebeck coefficient and conductivity (power factor) was 9,4 x10-8 Wm-1K-2 with a copolymer of carbazole and thiophene. This corresponds to a ZT at room temperature of 0.0003. Optimization of the polymer structure and doping level should lead to an increased ZT.



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