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New 3C Silicon Carbide on Silicon Hetero-Junction Solar Cells for UV Collection enhancement

  • M. Toure (a1), B. Berenguier (a2), L. Ottaviani (a2), M. Pasquinelli (a2), O. Palais (a2), P. Di Lauro (a2), M. Portail (a3), S Chenot (a3), T. Wood (a2) and D. Kobor (a1)...


An actual trend to enhance solar cells efficiency is to build multijunction cells, creating a bandshape wavelength collection. However, the best multijuction cells are actually made of III-V compounds when silicon and its alloys don’t lead to high efficiency devices. In this article, we study a 3C-SiC/Si heterojunction as a first step for 3C-SiC/Si tandem cells. Four samples were fabricated by depositing 3C-SiC on Si wafers with different SiC doping levels. Simulations of the structures are performed, as well as optical and electrical characterizations of the heterojunction cells.


Corresponding author


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New 3C Silicon Carbide on Silicon Hetero-Junction Solar Cells for UV Collection enhancement

  • M. Toure (a1), B. Berenguier (a2), L. Ottaviani (a2), M. Pasquinelli (a2), O. Palais (a2), P. Di Lauro (a2), M. Portail (a3), S Chenot (a3), T. Wood (a2) and D. Kobor (a1)...


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