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Neodymium-doped GaAs Light-emitting Diodes

  • S. J. Chang (a1)


Nd-doped semiconductor light-emitting diodes were fabricated by implanting Nd ions into a GaAs epi-layer. The fabricated GaAs:Nd diodes show good current-voltage characteristics with a typical reverse breakdown voltage between 8 and 12 V By injecting minority carriers into the diodes, Nd3+ related emissions were observed, at 77 K, in the 0.92, 1.11, and 1.3 μm regions. These electroluminescence signals correspond to the transitions from Nd3+ 4F3/2 state to the Nd3+ 4I9/2, 4I1/2, and 4I13/2 states, respectively. The measured external quantum efficiency of the GaAs:Nd diodes at 77 K, was 5 × 10−7.



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Neodymium-doped GaAs Light-emitting Diodes

  • S. J. Chang (a1)


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